Welcome to the world of Monty

Are you ready to start your compost monitoring with Monty? To help you get going, we've put together some trusty tips and tricks on everything you need to know.

What makes Monty Monitor

There's a whole lot that goes into making Monty. Check out what comes with it and how it all works together and in your compost.

How to start tracking

Between your compost, Monty Monitor and Monty Mobile, that's a lot to manage. Use these simple steps to help get going.

Onboarding your organics

Everyone's compost is different. That's why our app has a handy profile set-up for your pile. Learn more here about what that means.

Recommended use

Monty works with any kind of compost, including bins, tumblers, bays and open piles. Every individual pile should have its own Monty however if you don’t have one for each then Monty should be used with the fullest. Upon full decomposition, you’ll receive a notification to move Monty to the next pile.


For full details, check out the set-up link above but it's basically just charging the power pack, twisting together, sticking in your compost, downloading the app and signing up! Little FYI - only one account can be paired to restrict access. When using the app on another phone, additional users can simply use the same account login details.


Adding waste

When setting up your compost profile, you'll need to add the usual waste that you put in your compost and each week you'll receive a prompt to either confirm or edit that you put in that waste. Anything that isn't in your usual waste, such as the occasion weeding session or splash of water, should be manually logged through the Log Waste & Water area. 

PS. When new waste is added to the compost, the device needs to be lifted out first - both so it can detect the new addition and to help keep it clean.


Based on the data collected, notifications will be generated by our analysis model, instructing on how to manage your compost. When an instruction is completed, such as adding certain materials or turning the compost over, it can be tapped to finalise and will move to the completed instructions screen.


The device is powered by a removable battery pack that unclicks and twists off. Depending on your compost, a signle charge can last anywhere from 3-6 weeks. Once empty, you can recharge by placing it on the Home Hub, which can be plugged into any USB-3 outlet and should be stored indoors or undercover. While charging the battery will light up red until it reaches 100%, at which point it will turn green.

Need a little more help getting started? Send us an email here and our 24/7 support team will get straight back to you.

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