We're making compost easy, fast and fun

Compost is amazing - it's good for the environment, grows our food and brings people together. But sometimes it can be confusing to get right and when it goes wrong, it gets messy.

That's where we come in.

Monty Monitor


Connect to your phone or our wifi-hub


Real-time decomposition data

Simple setup

Insert, connect, that's it

Energy efficient

Removable, chargeable power-pack

Monty Mobile

Track everything about your compost and its health, from initial set up right through to full decomposition. Monty's real-time monitoring functionality lets you know what steps you need to take to optimise speed and quality. 

Track your emissions offset

Join the movement

For every  kind of composter

Every step of the way

Why It's Amazing


Optimize your compost's decomposition speed


Minimize the time spent managing your compost


Eliminate any and all hygiene problems


Reduce up to half your waste expenses


Generate high-quality, usable organic fertilizer


Build healthier, happier communities

Monty Mono

Monty Many

However You Compost

For the green-thumb families, the environmentally conscious consumer, or the avid at-home hobbyist, keen to play their role in sustainable, smart living, with improved garden well-being, producing high-quality organic fertilizer and reducing their carbon footprint.

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For the community gardens, schools, properties, and city councils, keen to improve their community engagement, their organic waste management, and ensure a smarter city for their environmental impacts, while saving money on their waste management expenses. 

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