Are you ready to meet your very own Monty?

It's here, what we've all been waiting for. We've been in product development for over a year, with testing, trialing and a lot of tears but we're finally able to debut Monty to the world. We're releasing a limited-edition line of Montys, available for pre-order purchase now by the most committed composters out there

Our limited-edition early product release

For a final test of fit, form and function, we're putting together a special, beta version of the Monty system. We'll be manufacturing our first batch of devices and launching our first mobile app iteration, ready to go right in your compost.

Exclusively for the most committed composters

This is a super special release and we're keen for the most committed, craziest and coolest composters to take part. We want to work closely with you to create the most magical Monty experience that we can go on to share with the rest of the world.

Be part of the Monty family, first and forever 

This release is a pioneer product that will change the way we compost and being part of it will mean you're a part of the family forever. Your experiences, feedback and comments are going to help us create and shape the future of Monty.

What you'll be getting

 First-edition MVP Monty Monitor

Our device has been rigorously tested and is ready to start collecting all the key compost data. With all our core monitoring functionality included, your backyard bin is about to get a whole lot smarter.

Full access to Monty Mobile

Whether you're Android or iPhone, you'll be getting access to the Monty Mobile app, turning your phone into a one-stop shop for all things compost. Forget Facebook, this will be your newest favourite go-to. 

Ongoing service and support 

First releases can be a little bumpy so we'll be here for you 24/7 to solve and answer all your comments, concerns and questions. You can rest assured that with Monty, we'll be taking your compost to the next level together.

Are you ready to join the compost movement with Monty?

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