Who is Monty?

Monitor: to observe and check the progress or quality of (something) over a period of time.

If you don’t already know by now, Monty is our compost monitoring device.

Simply insert into your compost and Monty’s inbuilt sensors continuously track the decomposition process, transmitting the data to our online cloud analysis model. This data is then analysed to generate custom management instructions, which are delivered through our app, along with countless other engagement, entertainment and educational features.

Monty is wireless, efficient and durable, capable of withstanding the high temperatures and volatile conditions of even the most extreme compost. It’s a world-first innovation, with existing monitoring systems nowhere close to its sophistication, sensitivity and affordability. The data collected is incomparable in both size and scope to anything in existence.

But Monty is also so much more than that.

We are Monty and we’re on a mission to bring composting to the world. To do this, we’re developing the innovative technologies needed to make it affordable and accessible for everyone, everywhere.

Through monitoring, we’re working together with nature to improve upon what it already does to manage our increased levels of waste production and food demand. Composting has been done the same way for millennia and it is only through the recent developments in sensor technology, data analysis and software that we can achieve this level of progress.

Along with monitoring our compost data though, Monty is monitoring our impact. Humanity has been a pretty negative force on the environment for centuries and if we want to change this, we need to understand it. We need to know where our pollution is coming from and how much emissions we’re producing in order to create actionable solutions.

Monty does both.

To us, Monty represents everything we want to achieve as a company. It’s simple and easy, which is exactly what we’re trying to make compost. It highlights the modern, fun side of composting that we’re trying to bring to the world.

So, please welcome to the world, our new face of compost monitoring, Monty.

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