We are facing a global climate catastrophe

Composting is an instant, tangible solution 

In fact, 5% of global emissions could be offset just by putting our organic waste in a different bin. That’s equivalent to planting 500 million trees.

Our Story

When we found out about how something as simple as composting could change the world, we had to act. It was just plain crazy to us that this incredible solution to the environmental and food crises we're facing was going to waste (pun intended).

It was obvious the way compost is done, the same way for centuries, isn't enough. People aren't enabled and inspired to compost because they're busy and it's confusing and can get super messy. We set out to build something that would change that.

Our founder Ash Baxter kicked off operations in January and we've since done a whole lot of work, including four product iterations, completing UQ's ilab startup accelerator and getting together our awesome team.

Early next year, we'll be starting device manufacture and releasing software betas.

Find us

Global Change Institute, UQ. Brisbane, Australia.

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