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how's my compost going?

We've been composting the same way for a long time but it's still confusing, slow and (sometimes) pretty messy. Monty is a world-first innovation, making compost easy for everyone. 

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Meet your personal compost assistant

Monty is a smart monitoring device, continuously tracking and analysing your compost data. He's battery-powered, wireless, energy-efficient and can work with any kind of compost.


For easy, fast, clean composting

Monty uploads all your compost data, analyses it and lets you know what to do when things go wrong through our app. If your compost is already good, it helps you make it even better.

Never confusing, never boring, never alone

Composting is more engaging, entertaining and educational than ever with Monty. Our app features compost achievements, community connections and a custom content feed.

Monty’s mission is to get the entire world composting.

Compost can reduce our waste. Over half our waste is organic but most of it is sent to landfills. Composting it instead cuts emissions, stops pollution and saves money.

Compost can feed our plants. Most of our food is grown using polluting, non-renewable artificial fertilisers. The end product of compost is a natural fertiliser that can replace these.

Compost can save our soil. Returning composted organic material back to the soil restores its nutrients and health. It also creates a carbon sink that can reduce global emissions.

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